A New vivo y33s Smartphone Camera Device


With the upcoming release of the all-important vivo y33s, there are some handsets that have been left out in the open – the all-incorporated Vivo Y33s. The handsets are equipped with the new Android operating system. However, one cannot forget the features that come along with this high-end smartphone. The three main features which have made the Vivo Y33s stand-out are as follows: vivo y33s

– Design and looks The phone is quite sleek and has a very futuristic look to it. The dual metal casing makes it look compact and elegant. It has an external memory card which offers users ample internal storage space, sufficient for several gigabytes worth of data, and this is one of the main factors why the price of the phone is a tad on the higher side.

– Memory The Vivo Y33s smartphone comes with 5 GB of memory, which can be increased if required. It also offers users twenty-four hours of talk time. Apart from these benefits, the phone is also loaded with plenty of features. The handset runs on the new MSM 2.2 processors, which has been designed to give user-friendly experience. The browsing performance and speed are good and there are no complaints regarding this aspect either. In addition, the touch screen has smooth navigation facilities and the resolution is also very good.

– Camera The rear camera of the phone can be used for video recording and it comes with an IR filter for better picture quality. One can buy video y33s cameras which support up to seven megapixels. There is also a mode for digital stills called Night mode that enables the user to take pictures in night with maximum resolution.

– Storage Media The handset comes with sixteen gigabytes of storage space, which is decent. One can also buy extras such as battery charge, data cable, USB cable and AV cable. The microSD slot also supports cards that come in many sizes. In fact, the vivo yoward has grown in popularity amongst users owing to its attractive looks and top-rated performance. The price of the handset is moderately high but people have expressed their liking towards it. Users are still waiting for major upgrades or bloatware but the device is already popular because of its unique features and the way it has to stand out from the crowd.

– Video Recorder The recorder allows users to record videos with high definition using their smartphones. The VIVE smartphone comes with an interface that allows easy recording even of high quality HD videos. It also offers good image processing support for the VIVE Plus and has an internal video recorder. Apart from the primary camera, the VIVE Plus also comes with zoom and colour options that allow users to appreciate the shots even more.

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