Book A Hotel Room With Confidence

I am going to share with you what I explain to my mother about making an informed decision when she goes to book a hotel online. I worry when my mom decides to book a hotel room. I understand that there are too many hotel sites. What is that “four-star” rating? Oh, there is “five-star,” I even saw a “2-1/2 star.” What is that? It is all too confusing; but is the hotel rating system they have created. That is another question; who are “they?” A mystery in life, we may never truly understand who “they” are, why “they” care, or how “they” decide upon these ratings. Therefore, here is the key, in my mind.

Customer reviews are the key. Customer comments, added to every reputable travel website, gives you an inside view of each hotel experience. A customer gives information of a hotel providing future customers insights concerning service, cleanliness, appliances, and even local eating establishments. This becomes valuable information feeding the wise decision process. Wise it is for discern when viewing these reviews. 분당룸싸롱

“Mom” I said, “Choose hotels with many reviews,” for two reasons. If many good reviews are present, you may feel confident. People often go out of their way leaving negative feedback but not so often for positive. Positive feedback means the experience was so very good they needed to go out of their way to tell you. Book a hotel room with confidence in that instance. With negative reviews consider price (what do you really expect for $39.95) and then consider the overall experiences of many customers.

Times exist when there are contributory circumstances feeding a negative experience. Personality conflicts and fundamentally negative people often lead to misleading negative reviews. Maybe the airline has lost a traveler’s baggage, beginning the negative circumstance. This one bad review should not taint a hotel rating, not in fairness. There are many reasons for these tainted reviews and even the customer could be at fault. I know of one specific circumstance where a disgruntled employee left poor reviews and never purchased a night! So, fairness dictates to use good judgment as these reviews are used for tools in the decision-making process.

Be aware of review dates. Long-term history is wise to view. If experiences were poor and present ones show improvement, easy it becomes to deduce that this is a caring and improving hotel. One can identify trends one way or the other. Also, be aware of too closely bunched reviews. Can these be owner planted reviews? It happens, be aware. Once again, good judgment is the key to wisdom.

Mom can book a hotel online and have a good experience and I can feel safe as she travels. When you book a hotel room, I suggest you undertake the same type of process. Hotel sites provide the tools so use them. I do not suggest the quick search and book mentality, although I do suggest you use the tools those websites provide. Take every available measure and ensure that your family experiences are pleasant as well as affordable. An informed decision is always a wise one

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