9 Months - Season 5

a hands-on guide to pregnancy, parenting, and everything in between:
Like any new phase in life is bound to be fraught with doubts & uncertainties, so is traversing parenthood. Lucky for you, you’re not in this alone.

From pregnancy to gearing up for delivery From infancy to all about toddlers

Be it health, hygiene, nutrition or education From Physical Development to holistic growth

You have got questions,we got answers for you

Here’s great show for all type of parents You find within your self

Hop on to this rollercoaster ride called parenting
as 9 months season 5 has arrived

Season 5:

Pregnancy, parenting, & everything

All episodes of season
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 1 | Pregnancy & Gearing Up for Delivery
9 months Season5 |Episode 2 | Health, Hygiene, & Building Immunity
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 3 | The Importance of Baby Vaccinations
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 4: Child Safety: Home & Beyond
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 5 | Fostering Creativity in Children
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 6 | Toddler Schooling: At Home & School
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 7 | Physical Growth & Development
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 8 | Toddlers & Their Diet
9 Months Season 5 | Episode 9 | Foundational Nutrition For Kids
All episodes of season
host of season 5: Maria Goraetti

“Being a mother myself, I was able to relate to all of the discussions that we had with the experts. Such platforms give different approaches to parenting and I am glad Firstpost came with a show that speaks about something as vital as parenting and childcare."

Guest Panellists of Season 5

Dr.Rishma Dhillon Pai

Prachee Shah Paandya

Swati Bathwal

Dr.Arun Wadhwa

Ishna Batra

Namrata Sadhvani

Simran Sachdeva

Dr.Nupur Gupta

Gurdip Punjj

Shreya Gautam

Vijay Yewale

Dr.Sonal Mirani

Malika Sadani

Raymon Kakar

Tanaya Walia Arora

Kusum Kanwar

Pallavi Kulkarni Nerurkar

Riddhi Doshi Patel

Avantika Bahuguna Kukreti

Debolina Dutta

Shruti Panwar

Dr.Prama Bagani Bafna

Jaswinder Gardner

Suneha Pednekar

Dalljiet Kaur

Dhrishti Bijlani Desai

Prerna Sinha

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9 Months

Whether you are an oblivious millennial parent-to-be or a new parent or a parent of a toddler, you are bound to be fraught with uncertainties and doubts. Lucky for you, we give you some first-hand, expert guidance on every stage of motherhood.

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